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After a couple decides they want to get married, this is the most important step before anything else. It is a great step but one thing many do not realize is that it is also the first step towards a great deal of events. Once you announce that you are engaged and ready to start planning for a wedding, many other questions as well as concerns start to arise. Concerns about an event theme to work with or a color theme for the wedding start to haunt you. You also have to think of whether or not you should find a wedding planner or leave him out with the worry that he may not understand what you would like. The whole ordeal is not easy.

You will be glad to know that you do not necessarily need all the things or ideas as you see them on television on how Hollywood starts do it. If at all, you want the event theme as well as a color theme for your wedding, deciding on these things should not be ranked as your first priority. It is therefore important that you find out where to start so as to pick the right path to follow to ensure timely as well as a systematic flow of activities in the right order. It is only through these that you will be able to allow the true nature of your dream wedding reveal itself without having a hassle or wearing yourself out unnecessarily. However, keep in mind that there are brides who have had a long life dream of what type want. These brides need very little help as they have it figured out. They can go ahead and fulfill their dream but, if you have little or no idea on what to do, and need to plan what you need, here is a guide.

It is important to note that the most difficult process involves making the firs decision regarding your wedding. Once you have this figured out, the rest tends to fall in place much easier. As you approach the special day, it gets easier. The very first step is to look at the people you would love around you on this special day. Without these people, your wedding may probably fall apart as you cannot hold an event without anyone. It does not matter how many people attend the event but the most important aspect is the presence of the people who mean a lot to you. This is the reason you need to start with the possible guest list.

The Guest List  
By identifying your guest list first, you will be able to make other decisions, as they will rotate around satisfying both you as well as your guest list. For example, after deciding how many guests you are expecting, you will also be able to find a venue that will fit the given number. In addition, the number will also determine the food preparation you are expecting as well as ensuring that you do not include a food that many are allergic to. It is also important to consider the higher end so that you do not have a venue that will be congested. It is also important to realize that not everyone on the list will manage to attend.

This is not to mean that people do not want to attend the wedding but that there are circumstances where individuals get ties to and may not manage to attend. As much as they would love to, these circumstances get the best of them. There are reasons such as sickness, funerals, work obligations, or even deliveries of a baby that cannot be ignored contribute towards the decline in the number of guests.

It is therefore important to make the assumption that about 70% of your guests will make it to the wedding. However, even with this in mind, it is best that you book a venue that will hold at least 90% of your guests. It is better that there is more space as opposed to booking a venue based on the 70% rule. The 70% rule will help to identify the minimal space required. You now know who is possibly attending your wedding and you now need a venue to accommodate your guests. Keep in mind the different personalities in the guest list and especially the different age groups and their preferences. While you cannot address all individuals to a specific level, you can look at a majority.

The Venue  
You now have your guest list and the one thing they will determine is where you will have your wedding. This is why the venue is important to consider next. The venue will then have a great influence on the rest of the decisions you make. You can start your venue search through the following major way. 

Consider location
This determines your venue in reference to where you stay as well as the proximity of the place while considering where all your family and friends come from. 

Consider the type of venue
This determines your venue in reference to what will best your guests.  To help you get started, you can make things easier by starting from the internet. This will help you narrow down the possible venues fast and easily. You will also be able to identify the differences of the possible sites. In addition, individuals will review some of the best sites depending on experience, which provides a great idea for others searching the web. This strategy is time saving as well as easy to work with.

After a search, you have a number of venues that will offer you what you are looking to achieve. From this point, you can narrow down the venues by considering your overall budget, noise restrictions, availability of the venue on the date you need it, as well as other restrictions such as alcoholic drinks, kids etc. The bottom line when looking for a venue is one that will fit your guests, allow you perform other events within such as allow smoking or drinking as well as play your intended music. It is important that you visit the venue before me feeling that it is making the final decision. If you walk to a venue and you have the feeling that it is the best venue, then the entire process is even easier.

Other Concerns
The most important aspects (guests and venue) have been addressed. Many couples are now thinking of where to go next. Should they consider a color theme to work with or ignore it for the time being? One thing you need to consider is that not many people will actually notice the color match. Most of the time, they are either too excited that they are at the venue or it simply does not cross their mind. Probability is that other than you, the only other person who will know that there is a color theme is the wedding planner.

If you are looking to dazzle your guests, do not consider a color theme. What guests are looking to see is the joy and love the couple shares. In addition, they need to enjoy themselves, eat well and at the right time. Once these things are taken care of, the guests will in turn offer the best day of your life. If you are serving alcohol, ensure it is present in the right amounts. Also, ensure that the playlist for your music is something your guests can relate to and dance to. 

Other than the above, other aspects are probably not so much of their concern and may not exactly notice much. This is unless you have an extremely unique and visible inclusion in your plans that cannot go unnoticed. There are couples that will include one centerpiece that is large and centrally placed that everyone will notice. Of course, there are some awkward moments that will be memorable but they do not require planning such as a burning table. 

However, there is so much material to be included in your wedding and it is these things that, you must consider and think of colors to work with. To help you choose, you can start by what is close to you such as your house or your wardrobe to be more specific. Think of your favorite colors. To make things easier, you can try to remember a wedding that knocked you down on the colors they chose to use. Alternatives, you can go back to the internet and have a look at albums on various weddings. You will not miss out on something you like because the internet offers a wide array of different weddings. Whichever way you want, it is best that you choose colors that make you happy without necessarily having to define a given meaning.

There is no definite rule that determines how you should choose a color. With the consideration of flowers, it is best to simply look through with the help of a florist or again rely on the internet. Many will try to shop for one thing as you try to match the color with that of another. It is best that you pick what grabs your attention. This is because many couples end up liking a given floral arrangement but end up taking something different arrangement just to match the colors. This is not necessarily a concern. It is important that you base your decision on what you like other than on what matches what. It is okay not to use the same color. What is important is that everything makes you happy.

You can also include a wedding theme rather than a color theme. With a wedding theme, color is not very functional as people simply choose between characters. With a wedding theme, other aspects will fall in place. You can also choose other aspects while relating to your favorite ideologies. If it is the food, think of what you would like, if it is a centerpiece the same can apply. Other aspects are not entirely related to other people’s preferences. For example, after settling on a given venue, it can be limiting on the type and design of the dress you wear. However, you also need to consider what makes you look stunning. Go ahead and make your wedding outstanding by considering every aspect and not just what others think of you.

Going back to where you started, you need to bring back your guest list. However, the most important people in the wedding are you and your partner. It is important to remember that these guests are only looking forward to witnessing a lovely wedding and your union. Other things come second if at all they remember them.

Starting the wedding plan