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Wedding checklist that you can use

When I started planning our wedding, I signed up at a big website with the intention of using their tools to plan the wedding. When I log in six years later, it is clear that my good intentions did not last for very long. The tools and mainly the wedding checklist no longer felt applicable to the event. While checklists have really transformed since the year 2008 because of applications, the feeling that I get by looking at them that waffles between overwhelm and panic has not. What if I do not need all those things? What if I do not have a year to plan? At what point is my brain going to decide to shut down and live a checklist free life again? Leading a checklist free life and planning a wedding is what leads to logistical trouble and last minute issues.

Traditional wedding checklist
The issue with a lot of wedding checklist is the fact that they assume some sort of wedding standard. The reason why traditional dresses are usually top of the list is due to the fact that they take a lot of time to create. This wedding planning order of operations is meant to be more flexible while helping you to give priority to things that should come first. Below is an ideal wedding checklist.

Begin with the big picture
Before you sign a contract or accept assistance from friends and family, you need to ask yourself what you want out of your wedding. Know what your mission statement is; are you interested in something that is fun and intimate? Are you going to accept help from your loved ones? Do you and your partner have different ideas of what the wedding should look like? This is time for you to get real.

Once all the above issues have been figured out, you should then set a budget. It is difficult to decide on things unless you know what you can and cannot afford.

People, places and things
The best way you can keep your priorities in check when you are planning is by remembering people, places and things in that sequence. Knowing your guest list is not all about staying under budget or not being able to accommodate an extra table in your venue. What you do not want is to be forced to choose between a key member of your family and your dream venue simply because the venue is not able to accommodate their wheelchair. The last thing you want is to pay a deposit and then you are told about this information. Therefore guest list should be first and then everything else will follow.

Nitty gritty
You are required to figure out the vendors that matter the most and those with finite resources available to them. A lot of service professionals such as coordinators, photographers and planners have a lot of wedding bookings each year. If you know a vendor who you have always wanted to use, make sure you get in touch with then in plenty of time. If you come from a small town and you will need a tent, call the vendor and book it. Start your research in advance and get commitments from people in good time.

Once you are done with your main vendors, you can then move to secondary vendors. The best thing is that you are the one in control of who and what matters the most. However, there are some things with cut and dry production times such as a bespoke dress. You should therefore do your research in advance before you fall in love with something that has to be created from thin air. If your favorite wedding designer is not able to make you a dress, you need to be creative with your sourcing. You should not think of postponing your wedding because of this small hitch. You will be surprised by the number of good designers out there who will be more than pleased to make you the wedding dress of your dreams.

Remember the ceremony
Begin planning your wedding as early as you can. It matters a lot more than people admit and you should not leave it to last minute. Things which are done in a hurry most often fall apart. You do not want to look back at your wedding and wish that you did things differently.

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