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When you look back at some of the weddings you have attended, the thing you remember most is usually not the centerpiece, dress or even flowers. Chances are that what sticks with you is the emotion such as an emotional bride that could not stop grinning as she was saying her vows and that maid of honor who could not hold back her tears during her speech. Two people who are perfect for each other making a commitment in front of their family and friends is emotional.

A lot of wedding media pay close attention on pretty details and some of the things that cost a lot of money. However, the actual wedding is not the cute photo booth or first wedding dance. The wedding itself is the ceremony and in most cases, it is forgotten until the last minute. When your wedding ceremony is a real reflection of your love for each other, everyone will be happy and they will not even bother with the centerpieces. This therefore goes to show that a good wedding is one that is going to evoke some form of emotion when you have been married for more than forty years and you look back at your photos and videos. The center piece or dress that you wore at that time might not be fashionable forty years later but the emotions will never change. You should therefore have this at the back of your mind when planning your wedding.

As you will be planning your wedding ceremony in advance, these resources will help you create something that you will be proud of years to come. They will help you to make the church service your own, write your own vows and find traditional vows that are right for you. When you look back later on, what you said for your vows matters more than the color of your bridesmaids dresses.

The first step is constructing a wedding ceremony is by choosing a structure that you are going to fill in with text, vows, reading and music. A basic western wedding is constructed from a handful of building blocks. This article suggests you choose an overall tone for your ceremony. For those who opt for a secular ceremony, here are ideas on how you can avoid religious traditions.

If you are going to create your wedding from scratch, you should begin by researching other people’s weddings. This is going to give you more ideas beyond what you have seen in movies.

If your ceremony will be religious, then your options to modify it will be limited. However, it is still possible to spend some time on your religious ceremony and make it feel as though it truly reflects your values. Here are some tips for your service.

Wedding readings are the best way for setting a tone for your service. They can vary from being lyrical, poetic and whimsical. The best thing is that you do not have to write any words yourself. With a huge collection of writing, it can be hard to choose one that you love. To make things easier, you should consider poems that are centered around the themes of love and laughter and poems on permanence, shelter and bounty.

There is nothing which is as daunting as sitting down with a blank piece of paper to write down your wedding vows. When it comes to vows, plagiarism is your best form of creation. This is the best time to take words that you love and make them your own. It does not matter that you are not the one who thought of the words, the meaning is what matters. If you do not have a lot of time to go through thousands of vows, these are a collection of vows that will get you started.

While personal vows will get you a lot of time, there is something magical and special about saying words that have been used by many generations as your pledge of commitment. Words such as “for better and for worse, in sickness and in health” really strike the heart.

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